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Security Issues

Spyware detection and removal.

Spywares What many business owners do not realize is that every time they visit the Internet, spyware attaches itself to their computer. You no longer have to fill out an online form, download a file or open an email to have your computer infected by spyware. Often just viewing Web pages is enough to become infected with invisible, and invasive programs that monitor your every movement. This is spyware and Palmesis are experts in removing it from your computer and making sure that your system remains infection free in the future.

Virus detection and removal.

VirusIs your computer secure? Have you installed a personal firewall or use an effective router? Is your operating system kept up-to-date-with the latest patches and updates for Windows?

Unlike Spyware which does not attack your computer, viruses can destroy your data, damage your hardware and even bankrupt your business by deleting all your crucial files with no hope of recovery.

Palmesis will help you secure your system(s) using the latest firewall protections be it software, hardware or a combination of both. We will analyze your current security protection and recommend as necessary additional protection to ensure safe computing practices for your company.

If your computer is already infected with a known virus, Palmesis will remove it and restore your system to it’s previous good health. We will then advise you on how to protect your system from future attacks.

Email Security

E-mail Virus
Palmesis can help protect your company from many email virus attacks by installing specific email spam and virus blockers which will provide you with the best possible protection. We know which software works and which programs are not up to the level of email security your company demands.

Network Security

Network Security
Palmesis will analyze your current network security looking for all known weaknesses and exploits that would allow a hacker to compromise your business data. Effective password usage, software patches and updates, hardware security issues and wireless security issues are just some of the areas where our experts can help you secure your business network.

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